Friday, March 30, 2018

New Arrival! Victoria's Secret Limited Edition Bags, Totes & Speedy

New Arrivals...

Victoria's Secret Black Sequin Tote @ $69.90
Measurement appx 19.5" x 14" x 5"
Top zip closure

Authentic Victoria's Secret Black Sequin Weekender @ $89.90
Comes with match VS Charm shown on photo.
Measurement  22" x 14" x 7.5". Removable Shoulder Sling
Imported directly from USA

Victoria's Secret Make me an Angel Tote @ $69.90
Inside is lined with pink and white striped satin-like cloth
Measurement appx 19" L x 5" W x 16" H.
Victoria's Secret Black Quilt Tote @ $69.90
Measurement appx: 16" L X 15" H X 4" D

Victoria's Secret Peach Speedy @ $69.90
Victoria's Secret Black Shimmer Tote @ $69.90

Measurement appx: 12" L x 15 1/2" H x 4" W

Victoria's Secret Pink Tote with Logo Charm @ $69.90

Measurement appx: 19" L X 13" H X 8" D

*Sold Out* Victoria's Secret Purple Handbag with Gold Tag @ $69.90
Can shoulder carry.

Victoria's Secret Metallic Black Tote @ $69.90
Large Tote & Roomy!
Victoria's Secret Angel Tan Velvet Handbag @ $79.90
Also available in pink @ $69.90

Victoria's Secret Black Nylon Speedy @ $69.90
Available in Blue, Purple & Gold Handle.
Measurement appx 10" x 6.75" x 5.25"

Victoria's Secret Black Monogram Tote @ $69.90
Cotton canvas. 14.5" L x 6.5" W x 14" H. 

Victoria's Secret Summer Love Gold Canvas Tote @ $69.90
Measurement appx 21" x 15" x 10"
Beautiful imported cotton canvas with metallic gold lettering. 
Victoria's Secret Pink Canvas SequinTote @ $69.90
Measurement appx 20.5" x 13.5" x 7.5"
Actual item is much nicer, very bling. 
Victoria's Secret 2-Tone Red Speedy @ $69.90
Comes with the pink charm shown on photo.
Measurement appx 10 3/4"L x 4 3/4"W x 6 1/4"H

Victoria's Secret Red & Pink Stripe Large Sequin Canvas Tote @ $99.90
Ready. Jet-set. Go. Diva style, in the bag. Charm detail. Magnetic closure. Interior zip pocket. 
Measurement appx 20" x 16" x 7"
Victoria's Secret Chacoal Love Pink Tote @ $69.90
Comes with zip. Fit A4 files.
Victoria's Secret PINK Tote @ $59.90- Fit A4 Files. Shoulder carry.
Large & Roomy. Fit A4 files.

Victoria's Secret Angel Tote with Pink Shimmering Wordings @ $69.90
Fit A4 Ring File!
Victoria Secret Black Glossy Tote @ $79.90 (With Pink VS)
Fit A4.

Victoria Secret Limited Edition Pink Stripe Tote with Zip @ $99.90

Victoria Secret Black Nylon Speedy (Purple Handle) @ $69.90

Victoria Secret PINK Satin Quilt Sling Purse @ $64.90
With Pink Dog Logo on the Front Hardware. Smooth and totally posh. Imported polyester.
Available in Pink Only.
Measurement: Approx 5"H x 7 1/2"W x 2 3/4"D
Original Price: USD34.50 excluding shipment

Victoria Secret Monogram with Pink Stripe Bag @ $89.90
Very nice monogram print! Grab fast! Also available in purple stripe & yellow stripe.

Victoria Secret Supermodel Sling Bag @ $69.90
Fit ipad.
Victoria Secret Supermodel Gym Bag @ $109.90
Comes with detachable sling.

Victoria Secret Leopard Waist Pouch @ $59.90

Victoria Secret Pink Angel Suede Speedy @ $69.90

Victoria Secret Limited Edition Silver Revisible Chicago Tote @ $79.90
Fit A4. Kindly note that New York Edition Soldout. I'm left with Chicago only.
Measurement appx 20" x 13".

Victoria Secret Pink Transparent Tote @ $69.90
Fit A4.

Victoria Secret Pink Heart Quilt Handbag @ $69.90
Has logo on the outside. Actual item is nicer.

Victoria Secret Red Maroon Cylinder Bag @ $59.90
Also available in speedy design for this design @ $69.90

Victoria Secret Gold Monogram Handbag with Star Charm @ $69.90
Also available in champagne gold color.

Victoria Secret Monogram Speedy with Gold Tag @ $69.90
Available in Pink Stripe & Purple Stripe.
Victoria SecretSupermodel Essential Red & Pink Stripe Large Tote with Sequin @ $129.90
- Large & Roomy. Suitable for short trip or as a shopping bag!
VS Revisible Black Tote @ $99.90Both front & back are very nice.
Victoria Secret Monogram Pink & Red Tote @ $69.90
Fit A4. Shoulder Carry.
Victoria Secret Pink Sequin Canvas Tote @ $69.90
- Large & Roomy. Fit A4 Files

Victoria Secret Pink Stripe Handcarry Tote @ $59.90
Imported directly from USA. Measurement: Approx 12”L x 3”W x 7 ½”HVictoria Secret Pink & Red Stripe Tote @ $99.90
Fit A4 Ring File. Shoulder Carry Satin Feel Tote!
Only Launch in VS on 25 Nov, Black Friday!
If you have gotten or saw this tote way before then it is non authentic and not from VS.
Saw lots of replica online for this design and they launch way before VS launch this design.

Victoria Secret Pink Supermodel Tote @ $69.90
Fit A4. Comes with zip compartment.

Victoria Secret Supermodel Pink & White Stripe Large Tote @ $79.90
Comes with magnetic closure and zip compartment. Fit A4 files.
Great for shopping or traveling on short trip. Measurement appx 21.5" x 16.6" x 6.5"

Victoria Secret Red Bling Handbag @ $69.90
- Bling on both front and back. Available in purple too.
Victoria Secret Black Bling Black Tote @ $79.90
Fit A4 Ring File. Shoulder carry tote!
Victoria Secret Pink Bling Tote @ $89.90
Fit A4 files. Can be shoulder carry / handcarry.

Victoria Secret Supermodel Essential Canvas Convertible Tote @ $69.90
Ready. Jet-set. Go. You can have it all, in a 2-in-1 tote that can be worn small or large.
Magnetic closure. Imported. Left with the logo stripe design carried by the model.

Victoria Secret Pink Stripe Weekender @ $99.90
Can shoulder carry. Great for traveling!
Victoria Secret Purple Bling Handbag @ $69.90

Victoria Secret Pewter Handbag @ $59.90
Available in Pink & Black.

Victoria Secret Black Handbag @ $59.90
Also available in bronze & dark pink!

Victoria Secret PINK Black Slingbag @ $59.90

Victoria Secret Limited Edition Tote @ $89.90
Fit A4 files. Shoulder Carry.

Victoria Secret Red Speedy @ $99.90
Beautiful and stylish RED handbag/tote with white/red contrast stitching on the piping and trims. It has red tag on the front that says "stand out in a crowd.take a chance. turn heads. break heart. embrace your sexy side.Victoria's Secret. " Measurement appx 10" X 6" X 9.5"

Victoria Secret Black Tote with Pink Handle @ $69.90
Fit A4 Size.Victoria Secret Signature Pink Stripe Tote @ $99.90
Fit A4 Size
Victoria Secret Suede Tote with Wristlet @ $79.90
Doesn't comes with goodies but cames with matching wristlet.
Bag measure appx 10"L x 11,5"H x 4.25"W
Victoria Secret Bling Black Tote with VS Charm @ $99.90
Fit A4. Actual item is much nicer! Every quilt intersection with a rhinestone on the front.

Measurement appx 12.5" x 20" x 6.75" (Base). Handle drop is 8.5"

Victoria Secret Signature Pink Stripe Weekender @ $99.90
Great for shopping / short trip / travelling!
Comes with a nice sweet matching wristlet.
Appx 25" x 20" x 7" (Actual item is much nicer!)
Victoria Secret PINK Monogram Gold Weekender @ $129.90
The total package. Stylishly sleek, with room to carry days' worth of vacation obsessions.
Hold it by the handles or with a detachable shoulder strap. Bag Measuremetn: 22" x 9" x 12".
Brand New in Packaging! Actual item is much nicer!

Victoria Secret Black Tote @ $79.90
Fit A4.
Victoria Secret Rhinestone Pink Tote @ $69.90
Large Tote. Fit A4 Ring File / Laptop

Victoria Secret Shimmering Handbag @ $69.90

Victoria's Secret Satin Feel Tote @ $109.90
Fit A4 & shoulder carry.
Victoria's Secret Pink Tote with Black Shimmering Wordings @ $69.90
Able to shoulder carry. Fit A4.  VS Purple Handbag with Love Charm @ $69.90
Also available in blue
& pink.

Victoria Secret Blue Patent Tote @ $69.90
Able to fit A4 Ring File!

Victoria Secret Sexy Suede Handbag @ $69.90
• 2 handles with 8" drop • "Sexy Victoria's Secret" written on the front • top zipper & hardware Measurement: 12" across X 8" tall X 5" deep
Victoria Secret Pink Patent / Strawberry Tote @ $69.90
Huge & Roomy. Can Fit A4.

Victoria Secret Handbag with White Hemming @ $79.90
Comes with the small yellow photo pouch as per attached. Actual item is much nicer. =)
Measurement appx 11" X 6" X 7".

Victoria Secret Black Friday Tote @ $69.90
Measurements: 18" x 20"
The top portion is drawstring kind, very nice when carry.
Other blogs are selling @ SG85. Limited Pcs Instock! Grab Fast

Victoria Secret Large Monogram Speedy with Stripe @ $99.90
Measurement is appx 11" x 9" x 6"
Also available in reg size @ $89.90

*Limited Edition* Victoria Secret Large Red Glossy Tote @ $99.90
Very roomy. Can fit A4 Ring File

Victoria Secret Red Monogram Speedy @ $99.90
Measurement appx 11" x 7.5" x 6

Victoria Secret Black Super Model Glossy Speedy @ $99.90
Measurement is appx 11" Length X 9" Height X 5" Wide.

Victoria Secret Big Canvas Speedy with Gold Tag @ $149.90
Comes with detachable sling. Measurement appx 14" Wide X 10" High X 7"
The tag is Gold, engraved. Very classy!

Victoria Secret Fusion Handbag @ $69.90
Imported directly from USA. Colour: Pink / Red
Measurement: Approx 11" x 8" x 4"
Victoria Secret Brown Suede Bag @ $79.90
Measurement appx 12"L X 8"H X 5"W Lovely Handbag. Can shoulder Carry!

Victoria Secret Denim Speedy @ $69.90
Measurments: Appx 9"L x 8"H x 5.5"W

Victoria Secret Large Denim Speedy @ $79.90 
Same design as above but 1 size bigger.
The Logo Pink Tote @ $99.90.
Ultra-sexy and perfect for carrying everything you need. In travel-ready nylon with pebble-finish trim, gold-tone hardware and a metallic logo plaque. Use the two exterior side pockets to stash a cell phone, lip gloss or other small must-haves. 11" x 3" x 13"
The Logo Handbag @ $129.90 (Black Nylon Speedy)
In travel-ready nylon with pebble-finish trim, gold-tone hardware and a metallic logo plaque, it's roomy enough for all your daytime essentials. The zippered inside pocket secures even the smallest of your sexy things. 11" x 6" x 7". Lining is Hot Pink Inside! Beware of fake ones outside. I saw fake ones online and in shopping mall! Ours are guarantee authentic, we can show you the differences upon collection.Victoria Secret Black Canvas Speedy @ $99.90
Imported directly from USA. Bag Measurement: 9"H x 12"L x 5 "W.
Victoria Secret Miss Pink Large Tote @ $49.90
The tote-all package. Imported polyester. Available in Pink & Blue Blue. Navy Blue sold out!
Great shopping bag / Recyle Bag. Measurement: 15"L X 18"W X 6"D Sorry photo is badly taken. Actual item is much nicer. =) * Sold Out* VS Large Silver Angel Black Handbag @ $74.90
Measurement appx 15.5" x 7.5" x 8.5" Lining is satin supermodel.

Authentic Victoria Secret Handbag @ $69.90
Imported directly from USA. Limited Edition! Comes with the heart keychain attached to the bag. Can also be use as photo keychain! Measurements: 8" X 9" X 5" Colours: Pink / Purple.
LOVE Victoria Secret THE SEXIEST ON EARTH Carryall Tote @ $99.90
Measurement: 13" x 11" x 3" (Strap: 5" high from base to top) Material: Ivory color Canvas, Hot Pink, Patten leather type material Inside: Lined Magetic snap on flap Please email us for reservation of the last pc coming in!
Victoria Secret Large Red VS Patent Tote @ $69.90
Imported directly from USA. Bag Measurement: 16"H x 20"L x 4"W Actual item is much nicer!
The classic bag @ $89.90 (Beige Speedy)
Give your obsessions a posh place to live. Just the right size for stashing daily essentials: wallet, cell phone, lipstick and keys. Imported nylon with patent trim.11" x 6" x 7".

Victoria Secret Angel Rhinestone Bag @ $99.90 
Absolutely stylish and sexy large black velvet handbag with silver rhinestone "Angel" logo on the front of bag. This handbag is made of a velvet like material and has two rolled handles that fit comfortably in your hands. The handles and the bottom of the bag are made of a black patent material. The hardware is silver.The interior of the bag is lined with a gold and black satin supermodel fabric and has the "Love Victoria's Secret" logo inside. It has a top zippered closure.Great size for carrying all of your daily essentials.Measurements: 11" H x 13" L x 5" W

Authentic Victoria Secret LOVE Handbag @ $55Measurements: 8" X 9" X 5"Colours: Purple / Dark Pink (Doesn't comes with the charm)
Victoria Secret Large Black Glossy Tote @ $149.90
Very roomy. Can fit A4 Ring File!
Measurement appx 21" x 15" x 7"

Victoria Secret Pink Cylinder Handbag @ $59.90
Victoria Secret Brown Suade Bag @ $79.90
Measurement appx 12"L X 8"H X 5"W
Lovely Handbag. Can shoulder Carry!

Victoria Secret Pink & Brown Angel Bag @ $69.90
Actual item is much nicer!
Measurement: 10.5" x 5.8" x 7.5"

Victoria Secret Monogram Love Bag @ $89.90
Measurments: Appx 9"L x 8"H x 5.5"W

Victoria Secret Large Pink Tone Super Model Tote @ $69.90
Able to fit A4 Ring File.
Victoria Secret Laptop sleeve / Briefcase @ $99.90
Clads your PC in the most un-techy armor. Imported PVC/nylon/metal.
Measurement: 10"H x 13"W x 2"D. Orig. US$58

Victoria Secret Monogram Gym Bag @ $89.90
Measurement appx 17" x 8" x 8"
Victoria Secret Black Tote with Pink Handle @ $69.90
Fit A4 Ring Files. Measurement appx 20.5" x 13" x 5.25"

VS Blue & White Tote @ $69.90
Measurement appx 18" x 13" x 7.5"

The logo weekender bag @ $189.90
It's big enough to hold days' worth of getaway essentials and comes in travel-ready nylon with pebble-finish trim, gold-tone hardware and a metallic logo plaque. The inside pocket secures your smallest stuff. Carry it two ways: by the handles or with the detachable shoulder strap.

Victoria's Secret Canvas Weekender with Gold (Matching Luggage Tag Included) @ $189.90
2 top handle strap, 1 removable shoulder strap.
Comes with the luggage tag shown on the photo as well!
Bag Measurement: 20" x 14"x 8.5"

Victoria's Secret Large Black Speedy (Black Tag) @ $89.90
Very big & roomy. Can fit A-4 Ring File inside